1. Where do you ship to?
We ship globally! The delivery cost will be calculated at checkout once you enter your delivery address. Please note, we cannot guarantee delivery dates when shipping to countries outside of the UK although most destinations it takes around 1 week airmail. Items are sent tracked delivery so you can see where your order is up to. (Please note we are not liable for any delays or items lost once they have reached the destination country.)

2. Do the clamps damage the dresses?
Absolutely not! They are designed with rubber tipped ends to protect fabrics. Although super strong they do not damage any fabrics, embellishments or beading.

3. Do these replace the need for pins & sponges?
Yes! Say goodbye to awkward pins, padded sponges etc! The clamps are so quick and easy to use and have great durability. We found that pins would bend in thick fabric or you could accidentally prick yourself or the customer when doing fittings. The clamps are unobtrusive and save so much time.

4. How many clamps would you recommend per dress?
Depending on the type of dress we would recommend 1/2 clamps for a smaller dress and 3 on a bigger style such as a fishtail wedding dress.

5. Can these be used on dresses that are too small?
Yes definitely, simply add a piece of fabric in the gap and clamp either side to the dress.

6. Do the clamps leave any long lasting marks?
No, unlike pins the clamps simply hold the fabric in place unlike pins which create holes.

7. Are the clamps difficult to use?
No, however when you first receive them they will be quite stiff as the springs have not been used. Don't worry though, they soften after a few uses and become much easier to use.

8. How long do they normally last?
The clamps are made from heavy duty metal & plastic and are very strong! Normally it takes a few weeks for them to "relax" and become easier to use. After that they will keep going for.......well, years!