About us

We are a Cheshire based company having noticed the difficulties when fitting brides into dresses using pins and sponges we thought there must be a better way to do it!

Fitting a dress will never be the same! Our clamps help shops feel confident in showing the fit of their dresses be it bridal, bridesmaid or in fact, any form of dress! Perfect for using either during customer appointments or on mannequins. We recommend around 3 clamps per dress depending on its style.

- No more pins or sponges
- Quick & Easy to use
- Can be used on dresses too small and too big
- Re-dress mannequins in seconds
- Rubber soft tips so safe to use on embellishment and beaded items
- Super strong - clamp dresses tighter than you could with pins
- No risk of stabbing a bride with a pin or leaving one in a dress!
- Discreet for use during fittings
- Leaves no marks unlike pins

Give them a try and we guarantee you wont look back!

Any questions please contact us using the below contact form and one of the team will get back to you.